Quality Management

Providing critical independent reviews

TCA’s internal Quality Management (QM) and Construction Administration (CA) departments oversee all projects as they progress through each phase of design and construction. We have a dedicated department managing and performing these services outside of our individual design teams, providing critical independent reviews of each team’s performance.

Quality Management consist of two components

Quality Management consist of two components: Quality Assurance, where we teach and train staff on procedures and processes and Quality Control, where we regularly review each team’s progress and support their documentation and coordination efforts.

Particular attention to early technical reviews

In Schematic Design (SD), our Quality Assurance (QA) team supports our design teams with particular attention to early technical reviews, validating that all code issues, special requirements and details are considered and identified. We have found that with the complexities involved in the majority of our projects, accommodation for technical aspects of the design is critical to be incorporated as early as possible.

Considering the myriad design and discipline coordination requirements

As Design Development (DD) is started, the independent QA team continues to support the design team as our technical designers engage in the documentation process with the project Senior Designer. Together, they synthesize the design and technical aspect of the project and it is the responsibility of the QA team to ensure the project team is considering the myriad design and discipline coordination requirements necessary in the DD phase.

A bridge between construction documents and construction

During the Construction Documentation (CD) phase, our Quality Control (QC) team tracks the project with a detailed checklist at 40%, 80% and final 100%, and acts as an internal third party reviewer.  As construction documents are finalized, a CA Manager acts as a bridge between construction documents and construction.  The CA Manager establishes a mission statement with input from the team to ensure everyone is marching to the same core values established by the team.  The Project Manager and Studio Director remain engaged and continue to closely monitor all activity.