Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Sweet Earth creates healthy, non GMO plant-based foods and meat alternatives for the conscious consumer.

Based in Moss Landing, California Sweet Earth creates gourmet plant-based recipes with bold, international flavours. The company’s creations are filled with fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients including ancient grains, which are both high in protein and a huge win for the environment.

Sweet Earth’s mission is to nourish lives by facilitating smart food choices that honor the land. Its great-tasting frozen entrees, ethical meat alternatives and healthy snacks include a full line of eight ancient grain burritos, meatless Benevolent Bacon and seitan-based recipes including veggie burgers, ground seitan and seitan strips.

Sweet Earth is a very important investment for the Renewal portfolio because it provides a high-protein alternative to meat consumption.  Feedlot livestock production is a leading cause of environmental degradation and resource use on the planet and is the primary user of fresh water in the U.S.; it takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef (and only 180 gallons to make one pound of flour)! The Worldwatch Institute estimates that at least 51% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide can be attributed to livestock and their byproducts and the United Nations has stated that an increased vegetarian proportion in the global diet is a necessary step to combat the worst effects of climate change.

Sweet Earth’s non-GMO, locally-sourced products inspire consumers to make the switch away from meat, delivering enormous potential environmental impact as the company grows and magnifying the tremendous health benefits of a higher-protein, lower-fat vegetable-based diet.

The company’s significant social impact includes a strong commitment to support its workers and an important role in helping people eat balanced, nutritious meals in a world where over-processed foods have made illnesses such as obesity and heart disease commonplace.  

The company has a stellar leadership team; husband and wife Brian and Kelly Swette have both had successful careers at the executive level, guiding strategic vision and growth and cultivating strong connections in North America’s largest consumer companies.  Kelly’s roles as Worldwide Head of Marketing at Calvin Klein and Director of Sales at PepsiCo and Brian’s roles as COO of eBay and Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo have provided the experience and direction to strategically drive growth and manage large teams. 


“Sweet Earth has all the factors we look for in a Renewal investment; strong environmental and social mission, a deeply experienced management team and potential for significant growth and financial return. Our investment team believes that Sweet Earth’s chef-inspired flavour profiles, innovative product development and strong management team set it apart from the competition.”
Moss Landing, California