Spud is North America’s largest internet grocer of organic and natural foods.

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Based in Vancouver, B.C., SPUD has operations in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The company greatly reduces the carbon footprint associated with grocery shopping by replacing hundreds of individual trips that consumers take each week driving to the grocery store with one trip by a truck using optimized delivery routes. The company supports local producers buying 60% of its products locally in each of its locations.  They sell only certified organic produce and are the only 100% carbon neutral internet grocer in North America.  CEO, Peter van Stolk, former CEO and Founder of Jones Soda Co., has made key investments in marketing and branding which has resulted in strong sales growth.



 SPUD is a certified B Corp.

SPUD: How We Work




“We are excited to invest in a Vancouver-based company that offers the rare opportunity to have a scalable business and support local, organic food producers.”