Sensible Organics

Sensible Organics creates pure organic USDA certified personal care products, free from toxins or chemicals that are healthier for our bodies and the planet.

Sensible Organics (previously Sensibility Soaps) was the first personal care manufacturer in the U.S. to receive organic certification by the USDA in 2003 and is now recognized for its cutting edge R&D in the organics industry and has formulated and manufactured products for notable brands such as Whole Foods, Desert Essence and Dr. Mercola.  In addition to private labeling, the company markets and sells its own brand, “Nourish”. 

Renewal2 took the lead to structure our investment in Sensible Organics, head the due diligence process and assemble the investor group.  As part of the process we recruited top-talent in branding and marketing to join the Management Team and Board who have over 40+ combined years of personal care product and marketing experience. 

On the environmental impact side, the traditional personal care industry is toxic to both the natural environment and consumers’ health.  According to the Environmental Working Group, industrial chemicals are basic ingredients in personal care products and one in eight of the 82,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S.  Consequentially, as many of these toxins are washed down taps and drains, there is increasing concern about the impact of these chemicals on wildlife, rivers and streams.  

On the human impact side, the company is located in Beaver Falls, PA, an area hard hit by the economic recession, and our commitment to keep Sensible Organics’ operations in Beaver Falls allows us to keep jobs in an underserved community in the U.S.

To read our press release on Renewal2's original investment in Sensible Organics, please click here.

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“We are deeply concerned about the impact traditional personal care products have on consumers and the natural environment. Our investment in Sensible Organics means we can help grow the organic personal care products industry and we are confident that this management team and board can achieve our goals.””
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania