Rustic Crust

Rustic Crust manufactures and wholesales all-natural and organic artisan quality frozen pizzas and shelf-stable pizza crusts under the American Flatbread and Rustic Crusts brands.

Renewal2 Portfolio Company: Rustic Crust

Rustic Crust manufactures and distributes all-natural pizza crusts and frozen pizzas under the Rustic Crust and American Flatbread brands.

Rustic Crust pizza crusts contain only the highest quality, all-natural produce, herbs and whole grains and their recipes are made with a short list of all-natural and organic ingredients.  Rustic Crust products are shelf-stable for five months and are price competitive with their non-organic / non-natural peers.  By the end of 2010, Rustic Crust products were available in over 6,400 retail stores across the U.S.

At the beginning of 2010, the company acquired the worldwide exclusive license rights to the American Flatbread Company, Inc. brand, one of the topā€selling natural and organic frozen pizza lines in the U.S.   Each American Flatbread pizza is crafted from scratch and par-baked in a wood fired earthen oven resulting in all-natural artisan taste and quality.

On the impact side, Rustic Crust is providing products that are healthier for consumers and the planet than their competitors at an affordable price point.


National Small Business Week Challenge: 2012 Winner

“We are pleased to be working with a company who has an exceptional management team and to be investing with good partners.”
Pittsfield, New Hampshire