PRANA manufactures 100% organic, raw, vegan and gluten free snacks, nuts, dried fruits and superfoods.

Founded in 2005 by Marie-Josée Richer and Alon Farber, PRANA specializes in transforming and selling delicious 100% organic, raw, vegan and gluten free snacks, nuts, dried fruits and superfoods. Alon and Marie strongly believe that organic agricultural practices are some of the best ways to preserve our planet’s integrity as well as our own. The husband and wife team founded PRANA based on their love of travel and desire to bring superfoods and healthy, pure ingredients from around the world into the kitchens of families in North America. They have worked together to make PRANA an important Canadian brand that is growing strongly in both grocery and natural food stores across the country.

The marketing of PRANA’s products has been thoughtfully developed by Marie.  In addition to its elegant packaging, Marie uses her creative flair and love for cooking to connect with audiences online through video segments produced in her kitchen.  A self-described foodie, she posts original recipes inspiring readers with new ideas on integrating nuts and seeds in to their diets.   Alon focuses on sales, logistics and the day to day operations of running the organic food company.

pranaOver the past few years, PRANA has expanded their senior management team, bringing in seasoned professionals with experience at successful natural foods companies such as Groupe Danone, Glutino and Liberté to help grow their reach and impact.

At PRANA, the team always has the environment and their customer’s health in mind.  By choosing to buy organic, we are helping to preserve biodiversity by respecting the planet and encouraging everyone to make a difference in their home, their community and on a global level.

 PRANA is a certified B Corp.


“Alon and Marie are exactly the type of entrepreneurs we love to partner with. They have thoughtfully grown an important organic food brand by carefully sourcing healthy options for the planet and people by promoting their products to consumers with beautiful branding at competitive prices.”