OptiRTC develops technology solutions to manage stormwater.

Climate change and increasing weather volatility is an issue facing municipalities around the world. In the United States alone, during heavy rain events, aging pipes and inadequate capacity leads to the discharge of an estimated 900 billion gallons of untreated sewage into rivers and other waterways each year. OptiRTC is an innovative technology company, based in Boston, MA, that optimizes stormwater management through the dynamic control and monitoring of rainwater infrastructure. Opti fits well with Renewal’s environmental focus as it addresses the important area of stormwater management by reducing sewer overflow into lakes and streams, thereby improving city resiliency.

Opti’s first project was in 2009 when it was operating as a business unit within Geosyntec, a leading environmental consultancy with over 45 offices around the world. Since then, the platform’s capabilities and customers have expanded steadily with more than 50 installations in the U.S. to date and a current pipeline of more than 100 additional near term opportunities. Opti spun out from Geosyntec in December 2014.

Opti currently offers three products: combined-sewer overflow management, rainwater harvesting optimization, and water quality O&M support for both gray and green infrastructure. Opti’s products work by using off-the-shelf sensors to acquire real-time data from project sites, and combine this information with weather and forecast data to autonomously optimize management of water infrastructure and to report to managers through a web-based user platform.

CEO Dr. Marcus Quigley is a true leader in the stormwater space; he for 14 years in the space with Geosyntec and has co-authored a number of national guidance manuals for monitoring of stormwater runoff and evaluating and designing Stormwater BMPs for clients such as the USEPA, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, the Water Environment Research Foundation, and the Federal Highway Administration.

Learn how Opti can help to prepare today's stormwater management infrastructure for tomorrow's storms. View on Vimeo.

Boston Massachusetts