Miovision develops intelligent technology solutions to address the challenges facing today’s global transportation network and to minimize the environmental impacts of inefficient transportation flow.

Scout Video Collection Unit

Based in Kitchener, Ontario, Miovision’s products and services minimize traffic congestion, reduce environmental impacts of idling and inefficient transportation flow and improve the overall safety of our roads. With their video and web-based technologies, Miovision’s solutions help data collectors, traffic consultants and municipal governments reduce the cost of collecting, analyzing and reporting accurate traffic data which they require to make key decisions around local infrastructure.

Miovision’s current product is the Scout Video Collection Unit (“Scout”) which is a portable camera used to capture video from intersections over a defined study period. Miovision then uses proprietary software to transform the video into traffic data and produces a variety of studies including turning movement counts, roundabout counts, average daily traffic counts, trip generation and gap studies. The company is launching a new product to optimize the flow of traffic for cities and municipalities, saving both cost as well as the amount of time drivers spend idling their vehicles, thereby reducing air pollution. The information provided by Miovision’s video and web-based technology empowers cities to make educated strategic planning decisions to improve transportation efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and become municipal leaders of environmental change. A case study was done on Banff, Alberta (population 7,500) where the effect of implementing Miovision’s technology reduced the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the park by 121 metric tons annually; equivalent to the carbon absorption capacity of ~18,000 mature trees per year.

Miovision Scout VCU and Traffic Data On Demand from Miovision Technologies on Vimeo.

Kitchener, Ontario