Farmhouse Culture

Organic fermented foods

Farmhouse Culture, based in Santa Cruz, CA, is an innovator in the field of fermented foods. Farmhouse was founded by Kathryn Lukas, a former professional chef and restaurant owner. Kathryn is committed to reviving traditional fermentation techniques and producing unpasteurized, probiotic-rich food — important to digestive health.

Farmhouse sells raw organic sauerkraut and kimchi flavors ranging from Classic Caraway to Garlic Dill Pickle. They also sell Gut Shot, a probiotic-rich beverage made in the sauerkraut production process. Their main ingredient, cabbage, is a sustainable crop requiring less water than most fresh produce, important in the context of the California drought.

The Farmhouse Culture team is committed to minimizing their environmental footprint at all stages of the production and distribution processes. Farmhouse’s newest production facility is located directly adjacent to their primary cabbage supply to lower carbon emissions from transporting produce. Over ninety percent of their ingredients are sourced within 20 miles of their facility. Their new attractive packaging has allowed Farmhouse to cut their carbon emissions by two thirds. The team hosts workshops around Northern California to inform consumers on probiotics and traditional fermentation techniques.

Farmhouse is an award winning business, ranking first in How Good’s The Great Food Report and receiving the NEXTY Editor’s Choice award for innovation in Food and Beverages. Their products have been featured in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and Bon Appétit.

Farmhouse is on the leading edge of food innovation and its products align with increasing consumer awareness about how organic food choices sustain our bodies and the planet. 

“The fermentation movement has caught the attention of healthy eaters. The reclaiming of this process speaks to the potential value of pre-industrial food practices. Farmhouse Culture is an innovative company with a rare combination of food authenticity and keen understanding of the modern marketplace. They recognize the needs of the conscious customer. ”