Better Bean

Better Bean produces delicious, ready-to-eat beans.

Better Bean is pioneering a new grocery category with a line of innovative and delicious fresh beans sold in a refrigerated format similar to fresh hummus. The company was borne out of the father-daughter founding team’s passion for tasty, healthy vegetarian food and the goal of bringing delicious, convenient beans to consumers.  Better Bean comes in five flavors that are vegan, GMO-Free and Food Alliance Certified, using high quality ingredients skillet-made in artisanal batches. The beans are grown using low-till farming that promotes healthy soil.   

Better Bean was co-founded by father and daughter team Keith and Hannah Kullberg.  Keith, Better Bean’s President, has 20 years’ experience as a CEO and entrepreneur.  Hannah heads marketing and public relations; she is a graduate of Vassar College where she studied food systems.

From a packaging standpoint, their sleek colorful containers stand out on the shelf and use a new “one-seal” technology for the sustainability benefits. Widely used in Europe, this system integrates the typical extra layer of plastic into the lid, representing a 30% reduction in carbon footprint over a typical deli tub.  The lid is firmly sealed into place with heat and pressure, creating a food-safety barrier, yet peels off easily. The container is fully recyclable, BPA-Free, re-usable, and microwave safe.  Better Bean has been a Certified B-Corp since 2013.

Better Bean is a certified BCorp


“"We, the Better Bean Company, exist to bring back beans, in all their age-defying, cholesterol-reducing, cancer-fighting glory. And we’re doing it by making them as succulent and tempting as they are hearty and nutritious. We’re doing it with fresh, local ingredients and spices, and we’re doing it with gourmet recipes. Because these are not just beans. These are Rethought Beans."”
Wilsonville, Oregon