Alter Eco

Alter Eco imports and wholesales Fair Trade, USDA Organic & Carbon Neutral food products such as quinoa, rice and chocolate.

Alter Eco Rainbow Quinoa

Founded with the vision of creating a sustainable global food distribution system in North America, Alter Eco products are organic, fair trade and carbon neutral. The company sources quinoa, sugar, rice and chocolate  from a network of over 200 global farmer co-operatives in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Thailand and the Philippines. In 2014, B Lab named Alter Eco a "Best for the World" company. Alter Eco is a certified B Corp.


“The beneficial impact Alter Eco has on farmers, their member cooperatives and the lands they grow their crops is tremendous and we are impressed by the committed management team - all of whom have made life choices to build an important for-profit company with triple bottom line goals.”
San Francisco, CA