Renewal Funds is an initiative of the Renewal vision and strategy.

Renewal is the result of the partnership between Carol Newell and Joel Solomon.  Joel and Carol met through a network of individuals using wealth for the common good. They recognized business as a rare and unique opportunity to create change. They share a mutual commitment to contribute to a larger global movement. 

In 1994, they assembled a team of advisors and staff and established the investment and philanthropic sisters, Renewal Partners Company and Endswell Foundation. With a 50-year strategy and a 500-year intention, these organizations focused primarily on the challenges and promise of a single region: British Columbia. The greater aim was to help shift the culture of business from the dominance of the quarterly bottom line, to one in which the long-term future of the human and natural world is an integral part of financial success.

Renewal Partners Company makes debt and equity investments with entrepreneurs working towards triple bottom line success.  Financial returns balance equally with positive community impacts and ecological intelligence. Renewal Partners has a 15+ year track record of successful investing with this philosophy.   Using all the tools of business and philanthropy, Renewal has made over $7M of equity investments in the critical sectors that will be funded through Renewal Funds. They have also placed $20M in conservation financing, social purpose non-profit real estate, social enterprise business lending, education, convening, capacity enhancing shared services for charities, and the building of financial services for philanthropists.

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From its strong base in B.C., Renewal is expanding its scope to join the exceptional innovators across North America who are reimagining the economy, culture and public policy to meet the demands of the future. Renewal Funds welcomes partners to join us in supporting emerging entrepreneurs who will build the solutions economy.