Renewal3 Makes 8th Investment-Lotek Wireless

Renewal Funds is pleased to announce our 8th portfolio investment in Lotek Wireless, innovator of wildlife monitoring technologies.

Lotek, based in Newmarket, Ontario designs and manufactures tracking systems that enable researchers to accurately monitor wildlife activity in diverse geographic areas.

Lotek’s technology is instrumental in conservation efforts for overhunted or climate change displaced animal populations. The company specializes in tracking systems that enable researchers to monitor creatures of any size and in any environment. This data enables scientists to understand real or potential impacts to habitat, follow migration routes, and track the survival rates of endangered species. Lotek’s tracking technologies span four classes; radio, acoustic, satellite and archival systems. Their suite of tags, trackers and collars offer customers the ability to generate locational data and video for a wide variety of mammals, birds and fish ranging in size from salmon smolts to elephants.

Lotek was founded by CEO, Jim Lotimer, an award winning electrical engineer and leading researcher, who realized that by facilitating insights into animal migration patterns, he could empower scientists and governments to make informed decisions around environmental stewardship, threatened species and natural resources.