PRANA becomes a Certified B Corp!

We are excited to share that as of May 28th PRANA has been certified by B Lab as an official B Corporation.

PRANA, based in Montreal, is a Renewal3 portfolio company that manufactures and sells organic, raw, vegan, gluten free snacks, nuts, dried fruits and superfoods. They are currently celebrating their 10 year anniversary and are launching exciting new coconut chip and chia SKUs this summer – look for them in stores.

B Lab certifies companies that meet strict standards of social and environmental performance,transparency, and accountability, as Benefit Corporations, or “B Corps”. To achieve certification, applicants volunteer themselves for a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of their business. The ethos of B Corp is that corporations should be responsible to their employees, their communities and the environment – not just, as the legal definition specifies, their shareholders.


There are currently 1,297 B Corporations worldwide in 121 different industries, of which 110 (and counting) are Canadian.