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Renewal Funds strives to be a force toward positive social and environmental change, while delivering above market returns for our partners.

We believe the way we are currently living on the planet is not sustainable and that by supporting companies that empower consumers, businesses and governments to make more resilient choices we can create significant social, environmental and financial return.

Whether it is avoiding toxins in our food, skin care products and clothing; choosing more sustainable transportation options; or, protecting clean water and air – individuals are becoming more conscious consumers. By providing consumers with choices that are better for them and the environment, the companies we support are positioned for strong financial growth, while also providing broader access to cleaner, healthier products and services.

We predict that businesses that consider all stakeholders, including employees, local communities and the planet, will be the winners as conscious capitalism evolves.

We offer funds that provide investors a portfolio of mission companies at the early-growth stage of development in Canada and the United States. Our funds are designed to deliver above market returns at a lower risk profile than traditional venture capital funds. – providing patient capital of typically 10 years.

Our funds are structured as Limited Partnership Funds; we invite investors to join us for an offering period of approximately one year after which we invest for that group for the life of the fund.

The next opportunity to join a Renewal fund will likely be the Spring of 2017.  Our minimum investment is typically $500,000.  If you would us to connect with you at that time please send an email with your contact information to Elyse (

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