We Believe...

equality is not just a social imperative, it’s good for business.
diversity drives innovation.
there is the power of the pack.
a woman alone has power, together we have impact.
in bringing emotion to the boardroom.
in collaboration over competition.
with passion and purpose, we are unstoppable.

Our Story

We went from a moment to a movement. The Girls’ Lounge was born after founder Shelley Zalis experienced the power of the pack in 2013. Zalis invited some girlfriends to join her at the male-dominated Consumer Electronics Show, and told them to invite their friends.

About 50 women ended up walking the floor together. It was a “heartbeat moment” where the minority felt like the majority.

What started as an informal female gathering has turned into a movement that emphasizes collaboration and mentorship to activate real change.

In addition to the Girls’ Lounge, The Female Quotient also offers research and strategy solutions for forward-thinking corporations to give companies and leaders the tools they need to design the culture they want.

Our mission is to advance gender equality in the workplace. When you put women in any equation, the equation gets better.

of women feel their gender has hindered their progress

12 years

The amount the average full-time working woman will have to log to make up for the wage gap.

63 percent

The percentage that investments in companies with at least one female founder outperformed as compared to all-male teams.