Oracle | Santa Clara, CA

There are times when corporate clients just don’t have the internal bandwidth or experience to lead a development project. In this case, Oracle’s goal was to build out the last two buildings totaling 150,000 square feet in the Santa Clara master plan. This was required in order to support headcount growth as well as to consolidate lab functions from two of Oracle’s testing facilities.

Project Highlights

  • The development of Oracle’s final two buildings in Santa Clara to complete the master plan development that originally started with Sun Microsystems
  • The creation of a $10M anechoic chamber testing facility
  • Relocation of technical lab equipment from two locations to Santa Clara
  • The integration of SMART building controls in order to make these buildings the most intelligent buildings in Oracle’s real estate portfolio
  • LEED Gold office and lab buildings

How Compass Solutions Created a Raving Fan!

Developing a solid project plan and setting correct expectations makes all the difference in the world! Compass Solutions believes anyone can manage a project, but the great ones can lead a project and motivate fellow teammates. Compass Solutions did exactly that as these buildings were recently completed and commissioned in July 2016. Whether it is group sessions or one on one meetings, Compass Solutions created an environment of “want to” vs. “have to”; with over 600 professionals on the project team it is important to get everyone pushing in the same direction to accomplish great results.