NETGEAR | San Jose, CA

Faced with tight budget constraints and the need to maximize project dollars, Compass Solutions was chosen to lead and relocate NETGEAR into their San Jose Headquarters in 2008. The outcome was a Class A facility upgraded from Class B conditions that met NETGEAR’s expectations with regards to corporate culture and dollars spent.

Project Highlights

  • Training rooms
  • Multiple labs
  • Data center
  • An open office collaborative workspace that is a signature feature of NETGEAR’s flagship headquarters

How Compass Solutions Created a Raving Fan!

Project budget was the #1 goal for Netgear. Our client made this very clear from the start. As a result, Compass Solutions conducted a financial analysis on the building that they would relocate into, as well as Netgear’s project program. The result was an “all in” budget that would be approved by Netgear executives before the first hammer was swung. With constant oversight of the design, construction, and fit up vendors, Netgear was able to build out their 142,000 square foot facility on time and under budget.