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The following is an Institutional project management scope of services outline. These services will vary depending on the project and needs of each client. They are described in detail and listed by project phase.

  • Perform building tours to ascertain, analyze, and evaluate key components of the various building systems.
  • Attend brokerage meetings to explain the different project components for property lease up efforts.
  • Review the property to ensure reasonable conditions on deliverable timeframes, provide adequate maintenance of building services, and maintain system conditions during construction.
  • Prepare strategy and project plan including communication, chain of command, contact directory, meeting schedule, and other critical project setup criteria.
  • Identify overall project goals and objectives as well as critical Client schedule and budget benchmarks.
  • Prepare master project schedule highlighting major tasks, project phases, and key milestone dates.
  • Develop preliminary master budget which describes project expenditures t including design, permitting, construction, vendor relations, relocation and other ancillary costs related to the development and occupancy of the new facility.
  • Examine key project drivers and understand Client vision, mission, and culture.
  • Manage the formation of the design and engineering team including the identification of qualified architects and engineers.
  • Review and recommend specialty construction consultants as required (structural, acoustical, lighting, testing services, etc).
  • Lead, coordinate, and monitor all efforts of the project team.
  • Assist with space plan review and approvals.
  • Advise and consult with Client with respect to all major systems, including structural, walls, mechanical, electrical/fire alarm, and plumbing systems and, where feasible, propose alternative systems.
  • Recommend Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing contractors (MEP).
  • Prepare and review requirements with MEP contractors.
  • Advise Client and make recommendations on additions, deletions, and modifications to the design to achieve quality, economy, and efficiencies. .
  • Coordinate design development and architectural construction documents with MEP design.
  • Review, on a continuing basis, the plans, specifications, and other construction documents and offer recommendations during the course of their preparation and development.
  • Final review and coordination of Architect and Structural (if req’d) Construction Documents.
  • Finalize MEP drawings with final Construction Documents, including fire sprinklers/risers, electrical service and risers, Title 24, and HVAC systems.
  • Lead a fair and open procurement procedure to obtain the lowest possible price from a select group of prequalified bidders.
  • Develop and issue RFP (Request for Proposals), as required.
  • Evaluate bid responses, scope, and pricing.
  • Make recommendation to Client for award.
  • Assist in contract review and negotiation.
  • Conduct team interviews, as necessary, and prepare a bid summary analysis with recommended “Best Value” selection.
  • Review all subcontractor trade bids and recommend award.
  • Review general contractor cost analysis of all major systems and materials, including installation and recommend appropriate courses of action.
  • Represent client in all contract reviews and approvals.
  • Advise on the separation of the project into contracts for various stages of work as well as the method to be used for selecting and awarding contracts.
  • Advise and coordinate with client.
  • Represent client at project meetings and facilitate project communication.
  • Track and monitor client and landlord schedule requirements.
  • Review initial GC construction schedule and recommend appropriate changes, if required.
  • Incorporate all client fit-up dates into project schedule, if required.
  • Obtain required COI (Certificate of Insurance) from construction contractor(s).
  • Monitor general contractor schedule and on site performance.
  • Schedule and conduct weekly construction progress meetings to review status and issues.
  • Determine, in general, that the general contractor work is being performed in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents. Guard client against defects and deficiencies in work.
  • Assist with all requests for information (RFIs), manage design clarifications, mitigate change orders, and recommend options for client’s consideration.
  • Operate and maintain financial management systems to monitor and control projected and actual cash flows, costs, change orders, payments, claims, commitments, budgets, and other influencing factors.
  • Continually track and review project budget against forecast costs.
  • Coordinate fit-up schedules with construction, if required.
  • Develop and implement application review and processing procedures for progress and final payments.
  • Review costs for all requests for change.
  • Assist client in conducting final inspections and obtaining punch list completion.
  • Review final cost report.
  • Ensure timely delivery of as-built/record drawings, permits, guarantees, warranties, manuals, and training upon completion of project.


“Jason Schlutt is always my first call when I am tasked with building out a site. I hired Jason to manage our San Francisco and Sunnyvale projects. Not only did he drive the project with a positive attitude, but they were able to blend the talents of many diverse team members. I highly recommend and appreciate his quality leadership skills.

— STEVE HIRAI Senior Director of Corporate Services, Cloudera

“Jason’s team has provided significant guidance to me and my corporate clients for many years by helping shape vital “work letter” lease language prior to execution. It is no secret that his construction knowlege and technical expertise makes a difference when transferring terms and conditions from paper to the actual construction site. When they help write the rules, you win.

— DOUGLAS HUBERT Executive Vice President, SABRE Real Estate Group

“Working with Jason Schlutt is refreshing. He has built a team of exceptional professionals who are able to control projects with calm and skill, and provide clear communication to vendors and team players allowing everyone to do their job effectively and successfully. Their integrity and experience is evident every step of the way.

— J.B. CAHOON Partner, South Bay Construction

“With over 30 years in the Facilities field, I’ve worked with many Project Managers, both contracted and internal. None have Jason’s depth, breadth or high level of integrity and ethics. I always look forward to future opportunities that will allow us to collaborate.”

— JOHN PARSONS Director of Global Facilities, 23andMe

“Jason Schlutt exceeded our expectations as a Development Manager. This was our first development in Silicon Valley and we needed a partner we could trust, someone that we knew would drive the process, watch our checkbook, and bring the best possible product out to market. He delivered and we’ve become Raving Fans of his services.”

ROB DEAN Principal, Harmony Capital

“Compass Solutions quickly became an integral part of our team — tackling day—to—day tasks and providing project leadership to Vormetric every step of the way. When the relocation process became challenging or even demanding, it was comforting to lean on them for their expertise, readiness, and leadership. Our only regret we have is not having them around for our previous moves.”

SUSAN LEONARD VP, Vormetric, A Thales Company